Do You Know More About Beer Than Us? Maybe

We welcome you to test your knowledge of the brew. If you can answer all of the questions correctly, you’ll get a very special prize. Once you answer the questions correctly, you’ll have the option to download that prize.

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Are you a beer drinker?
This is a beer quiz! Hooray!
Which spices are used to brew Belgian wheat beer?

True or False: Beer and whiskey are both made in a process using grain, yeast and water

Where and when was the first known brewery established in the New World?

What are the two subcategories of malt used in brewing beer?

Pale ale was first brewed in which English town?

What is the name of the brewery that brewed the first India pale ale?

Which style of beer is considered the national drink of England?

Who founded the porter beer style?

The first imperial stout was brewed at London's Barclay Brewery. For whom was it brewed?

True or False: Milk stout, sweet stout, and cream stout are all the same style of beer.

A process where beer is fermented by wild yeast is known as _______________.

Which style is considered the world's oldest beer style?

What gives hefeweizen its famous cloudy color?

What is a filtered hefeweizen called?

What is the major difference between Trappist beer and abbey beer?

True or False: Barley wines originated in England to help ease the troubles of the lower class

Brown ale is the stronger version of which style of beer?

Blonde ale is also referred to as _______________.

Who was responsible for brewing the first "modern" pilsner?

Where did bockbier originate?

Fritz Maytag is responsible for saving which famous American brewery in 1965?

The stage of the brewing process where barley is converted into malt is known as what?

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